PVML has emerged from stealth mode with an $8 million seed funding round! Read more here.


PVML was founded after we repeatedly observed how existing data access solutions were hindering innovation, creating costly bottlenecks at the companies we were working at, slowing down time to insight, time to collaboration between business units or external partners, and introducing data privacy risks. We knew there must be a better way.

PVML shifts the paradigm of data access, providing a secure and efficient data workspace where sensitive data can be safely analyzed, shared and monetized.


Our vision

It’s clear that the world is shifting towards data-centric value propositions. PVML is here to allow every company to make the most of its data assets with no risks involved, and position itself as a data-based enterprise.

Our Founders

We’re driven by a shared vision that
innovation should not be put on hold for the
sake of privacy, and together with an
amazing team we’ve managed to create a
solution that lives up to this commitment.

  • Shachar Schnapp

    Co-founder & CEO
    Computer Science Ph.D.
  • Rina Galperin

    Co-founder & CTO
    Computer Science M.Sc.

Our Core Values

The guiding principles that define us and our team every step of the way.

Intelligently Simple

Intelligently Simple

We use top-notch technology, but we keep
things easy to understand.
Effortless Enablement

Effortless Enablement

We’re here to help users do more with their
data, without concern.
Security Champions

Security Champions

Data safety is our forte. We are the reliable
choice, guaranteeing secure and resilient
solutions for everyone.
Harbingers of Opportunity

Harbingers of Opportunity

Our main goal is to create more business
possibilities for our users. Our mind is
always on the outcome (not what we do,
but what they get).

Backed by the Best

We believe in the power of a strong community and draw support from some of the smartest minds out
there to drive our success.

FJ LABSNFXGefen Capital
  • Ran Nahmias

    Ran Nahmias

    Co-founder & ex-CISO
    @ Cyberpion
  • Amit On

    Amit On

    CallApp Founder
    and CEO
  • Erez Yarkoni

    Erez Yarkoni

    Ex-VP cloud & teleco
    @ Checkpoint
  • Gigi Levy-Weiss

    Gigi Levy-Weiss

    General Partner
    & Co-Founder @ NFX
  • Limor Ganot

    Limor Ganot

    Managing Partner
    @ Gefen Capital
  • Jeff Weinstein

    Jeff Weinstein

    @ FJ Labs
  • Jonathan Lebowitsch

    Jonathan Lebowitsch

    VP cloud security
    @ Tamnoon

PVML. Data Peace
Of Mind.

Experience the freedom of real-time
analytics and the power of data
sharing, all while ensuring
unparalleled privacy.